Jason mathew dickie

Born September 3rd, 1973 in Campbell River, British Columbia.  Jason was the youngest of 4 children.  The family moved from Vancouver Island to Powell River when Jason was 3 and was where he spent the rest of his childhood.  Jason had an ear for music at a very early age and was heard kicking out melodies of his favourite Christmas carols on his grandparents piano.  Jason loved singing and really liked the attention it brought him.  Being the youngest he really had to do something special to stand out in a crowd.  Jason’s Grandmother often would get him to sing for her and for family gatherings.  Around entering grade 3, Jason was asked by his choir teacher to sing a solo at a Christmas concert.  With that first taste of the stage Jason’s musical career was born.

With a constant presence of a guitar and the influence of his older siblings musical choices such as KISS, Rush, Quite Riot, Van Halen, Billy Idol, just to name a few.  Jason began plucking on a Les Paul copy electric guitar that belonged to his older brother.  His Uncle heard of this and quickly encouraged him to pick up the bass because he would always find work.  A week later his Uncle brought over his old Pan Hollow body and showed him the 12 bar blues, the rest is history.

Jason started jamming with other kids as soon as he could and by the time he was 18 he was playing in his first cover band.  He was playing Bars, Music Hall dances and backyard parties to everything in between.  Since music was all he wanted to do, Jason spent a year in Malaspina College studying Jazz.  After, he formed a band with some friends and recorded his first album with Koark.  The band moved to the big city and started playing  show after show while catching the attention of many people in the music community and won a spot to play the Vans Warped Tour.

Jason is still very active in writing and performing material with his current band The Deadwax Collective, while also playing in a ZZTop Tribute band, Fandangozz.


Far Left: In studio with The DWC.

Top Right: The Deadwax Collective

Bottom Left: Performing with Southern Death Threat

Bottom Right: On stage with Fangdangozz